An art song composed by Morehouse student Ridge White (b. 1998) based on a poem selected from the AUC Archives Research Center, entitled “Come Toast Joe Dope” by Captain Nathaniel Tillman Jr. This recording is from the 2019 premiere on April 17 at Ray Charles Performing Arts Center, featuring Timothy Miller, Tenor, and Aaron Carter-Enyi, Piano.

From the Revolutionary War Era to that of the present “War against Terrorism,” African American men and women have consistently fought for their country during times of political unrest and international struggle. We salute the efforts of men like Lt. Walter Drake Westmoreland and countless others who sacrificed their lives fighting abroad with courage and national pride, while simultaneously battling racism at home.

As stated so eloquently in the 1944 “Brownite,” we commemorate the lives of those we have lost and “forever raise our voices to triumphant praise for your great deeds. To you we pay tribute.”

The Mentor, Clark College1943Clark College printed and published materials
The Mentor
Clark College
Clark College printed and published materials
Lt. Walter Drake Westmoreland, Atlanta Universitycirca 1944Atlanta University photograph collection
Lt. Walter Drake Westmoreland
Atlanta University
circa 1944
Atlanta University photograph collection
3 Military Serviceman, Hugh M. Gloster, 1958 December, Hugh M. Gloster photograph collection 4

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