Faculty Fellowship

The AUC GLAM Faculty Fellowship is a paid two-year fellowship which provides faculty training in object-based pedagogical approaches to integrate artworks, artifacts and other primary source materials into curriculum development to facilitate deep learning.  The fellowship offers opportunities for collaboration between the AUC Robert W. Woodruff Library, Clark Atlanta University Art Museum, Spelman College Museum of Fine Art and the AUC Archives Research Center that will:

  1. introduce fellows to object-based learning techniques and other visual thinking strategies to stimulate cross disciplinary teaching and learning within curricula;
  2. provide faculty training in object-based learning methodology through the use of objects from the AUC library, archives and museums’ collections;
  3. enhance student information, visual and archival literacy;  and
  4. promote cross institutional curriculum collaboration among faculty within the Atlanta University Center.

The first cohort of the AUC GLAM Faculty Fellowship (2017-2019) included eleven professors from Clark Atlanta University, Morehouse College and Spelman College.  The fellows represented a cross section of academic disciplines including African American Studies, English, History, Physics, and Religion.

Fellows included:

  • Dr. Rico D. Chapman (Clark Atlanta University)
  • Dr. Corrie Claiborne (Morehouse College)
  • Dr. Monique Earl-Lewis (Morehouse College)
  • Dr. Barry Lee (Morehouse College)
  • Dr. Samuel Livingston (Morehouse College)
  • Dr.  Ronald Mickens (Clark Atlanta University)
  • Dr. Charmayne Patterson (Clark Atlanta University)
  • Dr. Alix Pierre (Spelman College)
  • Dr. Rosetta Ross (Spelman College)
  • Sharon Strange (Spelman College)
  • Dr. Bernida Webb-Binder (Spelman College)

The AUC GLAM Center is currently not accepting applications for new fellows but faculty interested in scheduling a consultation with an archivist or GLAM staff can email GLAMcenter@auctr.edu.