Clark Atlanta University Art Museum Permanent Collection

Embroidered cloth curtain: blue, green, and red on beige, Artist Unknown, n.d.

Embroidered cloth curtain: blue, green, and red on beige

Embroidered cloth curtain: blue, green, and red on beige 663 1176 GLAMdev2020
Map Quilt (Africa), Janie Hunter, c.1970

Map Quilt (Africa)

Map Quilt (Africa) 853 1000 GLAMdev2020
Textile doll, Janie Hunter, c.1980

Textile doll

Textile doll 864 1071 GLAMdev2020
Cloth doll, Janie Hunter, c.1980

Cloth doll

Cloth doll 864 1107 GLAMdev2020
Winter Sports, Henry Wilmer Bannarn, 1945

Winter Sports

Winter Sports 1013 809 GLAMdev2020
Louisiana Nocturne, Henry Wilmer Bannarn, 1945

Louisiana Nocturne

Louisiana Nocturne 1011 814 GLAMdev2020
Country Church, Hale Aspacio Woodruff, 1935

Country Church

Country Church 1080 815 GLAMdev2020
Sunday Promenade, Hale Aspacio Woodruff, 1931-1946 (printed by Bob Blackburn, 1996)

Sunday Promenade

Sunday Promenade 813 955 GLAMdev2020
The Great Coat, Harold Tovish, 1950

The Great Coat

The Great Coat 849 1067 Sarah Tanner
Painting 6C, Gerard Ernest Schneider, Unavailable

Painting 6C

Painting 6C 797 954 GLAMdev2020
Portrait of Edward Twichell. Ware, Edwin A. Harlston, 1925

Portrait of Edward Twichell. Ware

Portrait of Edward Twichell. Ware 809 906 GLAMdev2020
Myron Winslow Adams, Edwin A. Harlston, 1918

Myron Winslow Adams

Myron Winslow Adams 820 921 GLAMdev2020
Iman, Venice, and Pears, Christopher Hickey, 2011

Iman, Venice, and Pears

Iman, Venice, and Pears 809 1054 GLAMdev2020
Undressing, Isabel Bishop, Unavailable


Undressing 813 905 GLAMdev2020
Yellow House, Susan Loftin, 2013

Yellow House

Yellow House 785 682 GLAMdev2020
Study for Undressing, Isabel Bishop, Unavailable

Study for Undressing

Study for Undressing 830 792 GLAMdev2020
The Fan, Isabel Bishop, Unavailable

The Fan

The Fan 546 1000 GLAMdev2020
The Richard Wright Suite, John Woodrow Wilson, 2007

The Richard Wright Suite

The Richard Wright Suite 1105 864 GLAMdev2020
Turquoise, Alexander Calder, 1975


Turquoise 1214 857 GLAMdev2020
Swirl, Alexander Calder, 1975


Swirl 1169 847 GLAMdev2020
Moon, Alexander Calder, 1974


Moon 1192 820 GLAMdev2020
African Basket, Artist Unknown, Unavailable

African Basket

African Basket 738 747 GLAMdev2020
Doll, Alexander Calder , 1975


Doll 864 1198 GLAMdev2020
Homage to Medgar Evers, Osborn, Robert Chesley, 1968, Clark Atlanta University Art Museum

Homage to Medgar Evers

Homage to Medgar Evers 1780 2400 Sarah Tanner